Is Karma Real? Do You Really Believe It? This Will Help You Decide!

 Is Karma Real? Do You Really Believe It? This Will Help You Decide!

There are many questions about karma which are often asked but remain unanswered. One of them is whether karma is real or a myth.The concept of karma is quite complex yet paradoxically it is very simple.

You are likely to misinterpret this concept because of the misconceptions about karma.There is a rainbow of thoughts and definitions regarding karma ranging from totally ignorant to highly spiritual.Many people think karma is not real or fake, but it can only be explained through an understanding of the subject.

What is Karma?

Karma is the sum total of your past actions which determine your future.

Let’s for the moment forget our original question of whether karma is real and delve on the nature of karma.

The essence of this concept is simple – you reap what you sow.

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John Grope was a person who believed in simple living but high thinking. He led a modest but satisfied life.

His needs were few, and therefore, he did not have to strive hard. In comparison, his schoolmate George was highly ambitious.

They went their separate way after school and met accidentally after twenty long years.

What do you think had happened during these years?

George was Chairman of a bank. Twice divorced, he was into his third marriage.

Though George was successful in his profession, was a complete failure in life. He could not hold on to a meaningful relationship.The question here is not whether they were happy or sad.

If you observe the trajectory of their lives, you will quickly realize that the future events could have been told when the two were at school.John with his modest ambitions became a clerk in a pharmaceutical company because of his attitude and mental makeup.

George due to his ambition did well in his job. He failed miserably in family and relationship matters because he probably did not have the time for it.

These are individual karmas’ of John and George. Both took decisions in their childhood and consequently faced situations arising from it.

From this story it seems obvious that karma is really real.

Watch the video, at the end of this article, that explains the meaning of karma perfectly.

Theory of Causality and Reality of Karma

Karma philosophy is widely prevalent among Hindu and Buddhist community. It mainly refers to the causation effect or the law of cause and effect.Gautama Buddha propounded the doctrine of karma and explained the phenomenon in detail.

He addressed the issue of karma being real by asking some fundamental questions about life.Buddha was mainly concerned with the suffering which people undergo during their life.

What is death?

What is the cause of human misery?

Why are some people rich while others are born in poor families?

Is everything accidental and beyond the control of people?

Are we led by an invisible force?

Buddha concludes that karma is the real reason for whatever happens in our life.In fact, he surmised that our actions in this life have a direct impact in our next life.This theory explains why some people seem to enjoy an abundant life even though they are unfit and do not deserve it.

Buddha taught that our karmas of our past lives determined our present. Karma & Buddhism are interlinked.Though there may not be a real and apparent connection between cause and effect, our karmas eventually decide our future.

Causality is the fundamental logic on which Buddhism is based. Karma is always real and has a real effect.According to Buddha, we are responsible for our future. If you are happy, it’s because of your past actions.

You are unhappy and miserable because of your past actions. You cannot blame fate or accident for your present situation.Some persons erroneously conclude that you are just a puppet in the hands of your past. A murderer can claim that he committed the sin due to his past deeds.

This kind of assumption is false. Buddha states that past karma alone is not responsible for your present condition.  Buddha went beyond the physical nature of karma.Buddhism is a path to salvation and release from the cycle of birth and death.

The real aim is to remove the veil of ignorance from our mind through an understanding of karma.

Newton’s Laws and Real Nature of Karma

There are two Newton’s laws which are directly related to the theory of karma.

The first law of motion states that all bodies (material body) remain in the same state unless acted upon by an external force.It is a law of physics and has been scientifically proved to be true. In the context of karma, your situation in real life is controlled by the forces which act upon it.

If a good effect is experienced, your life moves in the appositive direction. An evil force would result in misery and grief.So this again shows that the effect of karma is real & we must believe in karma.

The third law of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The implication of this law is evident.This is exactly what is meant by causality – cause and effect. Good deeds lead to happiness and bad actions result in adversity in life.

The laws of Newton prove that karma is real. You can equate law of karma with that of physics.Cause and effect are directly related. For example, if you plan to drive your car to the beach you will ultimately reach your destination.

Is it possible that you would land up in the mountains? Not. It is karma which is the reality.

You just cannot avoid the outcome of your actions. Though karma is a Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, you will find that the same truth has been told by all other religions.

The Ten Commandments are nothing but laws of karma.The real nature of karma is inviolable, and the consequences of your actions are unavoidable.It does not mean that you are destined to a life of hell if you commit a mistake. Good deeds can compensate for your misdeeds.

The reason many don’t consider karma as real is because causality is not apparent immediately or within a short time.According to Buddhism your karma follows you even in your next life. That may be one of the reasons why bad people seem to enjoy a happy life while good men live in misery.

Both are reaping the effects of their actions in their past life.

Numerology -The Karmic Connection

Numerology, a 2,500-year-old science of numbers, was created by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. Pythagoras believed that when we are born, we enter this world with very specific Vibrations.

These Vibrations have a direct influence on our character and what our life purpose will be. Pythagoras attached a Number to each Vibration, using the Numbers 1 (new beginnings) through 9 (completion).

If you have a person’s first and last name, and full date of birth, you can discover exactly who they are by using the Pythagorean Number System. The date of birth is pre decided by his or her own karma of past lives.

I never used to believe in the numerology but one day I came across a numerology site which offered “Free Numerology Report” I thought it would be same crap we have over the  internet but somehow I entered my details just to give it a try. The report was in a video format & that too personalized video! That video described my personality traits, my nature, my strengths & weakness so accurately I was amazed! How come it can give so much correct information about me just by knowing my date of birth & name? well then I went ahead and purchased “The Premium Numerology Report” as it came with a 60 days 100% Money back guarantee. Got instant access to a 200+ pages long detailed numerology report.

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 We can easily engage or karmic aspects more easily because we are aligned with the strengths and gifts we previously were unaware of or had fully activated. I especially like Chapter 2 that explains the meaning of the Life Path, life challenges & achievement number Everything included Amazing!

Numerology report was a blessing. So spot on and helpful it was the most valuable thing I purchased online. It again confirms that karma and numerology have close relation. I highly recommend you to give it a try, get your personalized Free Numerology Report Here

Karma and Reality?

The concept of reality and karma has been dealt with in detail by the Hindu and Buddhist philosophers.According to Buddhist masters, what we perceive is not reality. The world which we see is dualistic in nature.

Dualistic means two-sided. We have good and bad, happiness and sadness, joy and grief. The duality itself is a result of our senses. Imagine that you are blind from birth.

What would you say if you are asked to describe an elephant? You would call it a rope if you touch the tail, a wall if you feel the body, etc.As a blind person, you would never be able to imagine an elephant in its fullness. Our conception of this world is limited by our senses – eyes, ears, nose, tongue and touch.

We can only hear sounds which are over ten-hertz frequency.  Does this mean that sound does not exist below this frequency?Bats can transmit and receive sounds well below ten-hertz frequency. Therefore, our world view is limited by the capacity of our sense organs.

This world is infinitely larger than we can imagine. Karma is also a reality which goes beyond our sensory limits.


From our arguments, it is evident that karma is really real. Our actions decide our future. Noble deeds are rewarded by goodness, and vice actions result in misery.



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